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The Italian Environmental Footprint Program



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The Italian Ministry for the Environment, in 2011, has lead off an intensive program on the environmental footprint of goods/services/organizations, that represents today, in coherence with the European study of PEF (Product Environmental Footprint), a good practice of public-private cooperation, with the involvement of more than 200 actors, among companies, municipalities and universities.

The initiative aims at the promotion of the companies’ voluntary commitment for the evaluation of the environmental performances and for the reduction of the GHG emissions, that became an important tool to enhance the measures foreseen in the norms and policies of the Kyoto Protocol and the European “Climate and Energy package”, and furthermore, in the recent approval of the European Circular Economy package.

The project aims at identifying the companies’ procedures of carbon management and at supporting the use of low-carbon content technologies and good practices in the manufacturing processes. This work represents:

  • an environmental driver but also a competitive tool for the whole system of Italian companies, that nowadays takes into account the importance of the “eco-friendly” requisites of products on the market;
  • an incentive to rethink the production and supply system cycles;
  • an opportunity to create a new awareness for users, to encourage increasingly responsible choices and good practices.



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